Want to make coffee better? Us too!

We’re here to help you do everything right.


Running a spectacular café that serves perfect coffee is an art. And a science. And a whole lot of other things too. We work with our partners so that all the bases are covered and their business shines, all the time.

And, we all know coffee is great coffee. But great people make it even better.

With the friendly, knowledgeable support of professional baristas and a successful café owner, Kittel Coffee provides consulting on everything you need to feel confident running a high-quality café that stands out.

Take advantage of our mentoring program-your baristas will learn how to use their equipment, coffees and café environment to create an unforgettable experience that keeps customers coming back.

Just need the basics? We can also help you set up an efficient shop, tweak your foaming technique or choose the perfect equipment for your needs.


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