We do things differently. We look for opportunities to make coffee better. And we do it with a focus on innovation and quality. Montréal is our inspiration.


In 2011, Guillaume Kittel-Ouimet left his successful career as a financial risk manager to follow his passion—coffee. He took a leap because he believed in making fantastic new products that reflect the innovative and creative spirit of Montréal. The result? A company that has a fresh and discerning approach to analyzing, importing, roasting and distributing coffee.

At Kittel Coffee, we focus on developing rigorous techniques that redefine how coffee is roasted in Montréal. We constantly push ourselves and our beans to deliver rich, complex flavors that highlight the coffee-growing regions we work with. Inspired by a comforting palate (think chocolates and fruits), we deliver lively and appealing profiles that make drinking coffee exciting.

And it gets better! We also make sure to incorporate the knowledge of expert baristas directly into our roasting process so that our products are always awesome to work with, in cafés or at home.

There’s more? Of course. At Kittel Coffee, we like contributing to community. That’s why we create working relationships that are personal, supportive and fun. We believe in great, down-to-earth service and mutual growth. Because success is always better when its shared.



About Guillaume Kittel-Ouimet,

Founder + Director


Guillaume Kittel-Ouimet has always called Montréal home. He learned the ins and outs of all things business and money at the University of Sherbrooke, attaining Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Administration with a specialization in finance. From university, Guillaume spent five years in the field, honing his risk financing and risk management skills with the Laurentian Bank of Canada and National Bank.

And then… he decided to leave it all behind and pursue a burgeoning love of delicious caffeinated beverages. After taking a roasting and analysis course at the International Coffee Lab in Vermont, evaluating thousands of beans, performing countless roasts and researching the best coffees from Brazil to Ethiopia, Kittel Coffee was born.