All beans aren’t created equal.

We think ours are pretty spectacular.

You know when you have a cup of coffee that is so inexplicably, mind-blowingly good it makes your whole day better? Did you ever wonder how it got that way? We’re glad you asked—it’s kind of an interesting story.


1. Best beans

The quality of coffee beans (which are not actually beans, but the pits of coffee cherries) depends on many different factors like altitude, terroir, cultivation and processing. We only buy Arabica beans that are grown by farmers in superior conditions, picked selectively when they are perfectly ripe, and processed using rigorous standards and methods that bring out the best, most exciting flavours.


2. Selection, selection, selection

At Kittel, we sample beans from around the world until we find the best match for our tastes and ideas. We personally grade all of our beans, ensuring that they meet Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standards. Plus, we really value freshness, so we’ve dedicated a section of our roasting facility to storing green beans on-site. This ensures that our products are constantly monitored for quality and are never, ever stale.


3. Roasting for greatness

Once we’ve found beans we love, we develop a roasting profile for each type. How? We perform experimental roasts, making sample cups of coffee as the beans pass through different time periods and temperatures in our roaster. During this cupping phase, we look for each bean’s “sweet spot”, where all flavours are optimal and balanced, and the coffee hits a rich, comforting, naturally delicious high note.

We want our coffees to be perfect every time, and we want each bean to meet its full potential. That’s why we always roast in small batches, attending the entire process and taking minute-by-minute notes.  We also only roast one type of bean at a time and create our coffee blends by hand afterwards. If it sounds like we take a lot of care in our work, it’s because we do.


4. Serving something special

The last step on our coffee journey is getting the beans to you. All of our coffee is roasted from Monday to Wednesday and is shipped out on either Wednesday or Thursday so that it’s as fresh as can be. We work with our partners in independent cafés and restaurants in Montréal so that that they have everything they need to make sure the coffee you’re served is, you know, inexplicably, mind-blowingly good. So enjoy!


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